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Pitina in polenta broth
Slice a Pitina and heat it in a pan with some butter . Meanwhile, prepare the polenta . After pouring the flour into the salt water, when the mixture is still liquid, take two scoops of this "polenta broth", pour into the pan with Pitina and dry everything .
Carbonara with Pitina
Ingredients for 6 servings: 500 gr of spaghetti; 2 Pitinas; oil and butter ; 4-5 eggs; 2 tablespoons of cream; 120 gr of Montasio cheese grated; about a glass of dry white wine Friulano; salt and pepper.

Heat the oil and butter in a large pan, add the Pitinas diced or crumbled. Add the white wine and continue cooking until the wine will be consumed . Meanwhile, whisk the eggs with the cream, half the cheese, salt and pepper. Boil the spaghetti in abundant salt water, drain and pour into the pan, add the egg sauce and give a general stir .
Serve with the rest of the cheese.

Risotto with Pitina  
Ingredients for 4 servings: 350 gr rice; 8 dl broth; 1 Pitina; 1/2 onion; olive oil and butter; white whine Friulano; salt and pepper.

Fry 1/2 onion in a pan with oil and butter. Add the diced Pitina. Add 1/2 glass of white wine. When the wine is nuanced add the rice. Bring the rice to cook by adding the hot broth, a ladleful at a time. When the rice is almost cooked turn off the heat, stir well and add flakes of butter. Put the lid on the pan so the butter melts and the rice will finish cook.
Stir before serving.

Pitina balsamic vinegar
Cut a Pitina into slices, not too thin. Heat a pan with some butter. Brown the slices on both sides, then sprinkle over the balsamic vinegar and remove the pan from the heat. Serve as appetizer on toast bread or on bread sprinkled with garlic and oil (Bruschetta) or as a main course with the traditional polenta friulana.

Grilled Pitina
Cut a Pitina into four thick slices, heat it on the grill for a few minutes then serve it with grilled polenta.

Pizza Valtramontina
Cut a Pitina into slices, not too thin, and distribute them on a pre-prepared pizza with tomato, Montasio cheese diced (instead of mozzarella cheese), ham, mushrooms and oregano. Put in the oven.

Pitina with ricotta and polenta
Pour into the bottom of a dish some creamy polenta (but not too liquid). Slice a Pitina into thick slices​​and brown them for a few seconds in a pan with abundant butter. Lie the slices on the previously prepared bed of polenta. Add two tablespoons of fresh ricotta (possibly sheep ricotta) to the fried butter in the pan and stir it. Put some of this ricotta sauce on the Pitina already prepared in the dish and sprinkle it with some finely chopped parsley and serve.
And... enjoy it!
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